Monday, 21 September 2009

This afternoon we have been told about our project.We have to create a 2 minuite title sequence in groups of four. It can be on any theme. I am going to look on youtube at different title sequences and then analyis them. I will also use this to have ideas about the title sequence i am going to make. I am going to look at title sequences that i like and dislike, so that i can get an image of what my title sequence should be like.

Here are some title sequences that i have been looking at.:

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This title sequence is from the Tv show "The Simpsons"-It is a very popular tv sequence as it is reconised acr0ss euroupe and America. In this title sequence there is a slight change to it on every different episode. This is how the characters get infront of their tele,this is the end part of the title sequence.

I like this title sequence because it uses humour to get the audience intrested and uses happy/jolly music to give an idea to the audience what the tv program is about.This is a signiture tune.

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This is the title sequence to the film P.S I love You, this is a very different title sequence but it is still very effective. The film PS I Love You is a romantic comdey film which means that they used romatic music to put the title sequence together with. This shows the reader that the film isnt going to be say maybe a horror film. The title sequence uses indexing because it shows pictures of a couple happily together and if peopel are happy in films the audience automaticaly assumes that something is about to happen.

The title sequence uses cast and crew memeber names and then sometimes a still image of the couple or a moving scene of the christmas lights outside.

This differs from "The Simpsons" title opening which is all moving shots.

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This is an opening title sequence to the Tv Program Torchwood. This is very different to the other two because by the title sequence you can tell it is not a funny or happy program. One of the reasons for this is because of the colours they use.(Black and Red) This is because the colours red and black often represent hallowen/scary things. The title "torchwood",flashes on and off the screen in red, this also adds to the sci-fi/scary theme because it goes fast and the lettering/text is sharp and spiky. It also shows the cast names whilst the torchwood word is popping up.

The music in the title sequence is also dark and omnious. The title sequences varies alot from the other two because it is alot shorter so it just goes alot quicker,i think i like the longer title sequence better because it gives more of a suspence to how the film/tv program is going to be.

Out of the three title sequences i like the "PS I love You" title sequence best and would like the title opening sequence i make to be most like that. Like the lengh of it which is about 2 minuites. I also like the simpleness of it because there isnt too much in it but its not boring at them same time.

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