Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I am going to write a step by step outiline of all of our title sequence.
Me and Dayo were told to do this by Jamie from our workshop because it will give us a good idea of each scene we need to do and will deffinatly make it clear to all of us in our group. We can also decide which order we are going to do each of our scenes in.

-Dark screen,you can hear the sound of typing and the bleeping from the msn.

-You can see the girl,sitting on the computer,focasing all her attention on the conversation she is having.

-A shot from behind her looking at the screen,seeing what the messages are saying.

- She suddenly gets up and grabs her coat from her chair

- She leaves the room and the camera goes back to the screen seeing what the message said to make her leave.

- A scene with her looking in the mirror, brushing her hair getting ready.

To Be Continued......

- A scene at the station train coming,girl standing at the station.

- A scene in greenwich park, scene of girl waiting in the middle of greenwich park looking for the man

- Falls to the ground


Prelimary Assiment!

We have finished our assiment! We did this with miniutes to spare on the last lesson! However we still need to upload our assiment on to the computer and edit it. We are going to work on it as soon as we get back :)

Feed Back From Our Old Presentation!

-We need to do the preliminary assignment
-We need to make a shot-by-shot justification of everything we're doing in our frames
-We need to make a character profile from cut out images, to have a better representation of our films protagonist.
-We need to create a mood board from cut out images, just to build up an idea of the themes and imagery we want in our sequence.
-We need to do some research into the sound effects...

I am going to focus on the character profile and the mood board.
I think i should do theese tasks because i am quite creative and would enjoy doing it.
Also i am going to play,our character in our title sequence so i will have a good idea on the image and how she looks LOL.


It's the christmas holidays but me and my group have a lot of work to do! The first monday back we have our presentation. We have done one already but this one has to be the final and the most up to date and accurate presentation. There is lots to be done but i feel confident me and my groups title sequence is going to be really intresting and great.! I have been watching Hard Candy which is the main inspiration on our title sequence. More to come on the film .....

Monday, 7 December 2009

Today we are having a workshop to help us plan and our make our films.


Everything that is seen in the frame,

character interaction (body language)

Camera angles,shots and movement.

Sounds- DIGETIC-in the world of the film
NON DIGETIC- outside the world of your film

Sound effect

Edit : Pace of film

Monday, 9 November 2009


I have been working on our group's presentation.
I think it is coming along well, and i think everything is coming together even though we have got alot to do. Right now i have been researching our target audience.

I have also come up with a design for the start of our title sequence. It uses a rose which is our symbol throughout our title sequence.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even though this picture is small version. I think it look good and simple and suits our film alot.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Elements Of The Presentation

We have been told what we need for our presentation, we have 2 weeks to do our presentation and to do our best to sell it to the audience.

  • Film summary/Title
  • Analyise/notation/research
  • Genre
  • production/planning
  • scheduale
  • story boards

Monday, 19 October 2009

Production Scheduale

We need to come up with a production scheduale that lets us know when to do every thing that we need to and to make our filming more organized.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Me and my group are going to work on our presentation that we will show the class on the 4th of November.

Our presentation should include.

  • A summary of what our title sequence and film is about
  • The shots that we are going to do.
  • Lighting
  • Narration
  • editing
  • and how we plan to film our title sequence
  • The song we are going to play during our title sequence

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Story Boards

Today our group our going to discuss making our storyboard and how we are going to do it. We're gonna try and come up with some ideas for our title sequence.

In our group there is....Minh Dinh,Dayo Adesina& Becca King-Vallely.


We want a scene in central london, night scene with people walking past.
Chick flcik?
Dark Drama
Internet Meet
Have an internet meet
Chat at start(flashing through)
Middle of LONDON
Creepy Guy
Switch from his face to hers on computer,dark room?
Light on them.
Pan shot on river
Scenes stop,character and cast come up.
Creepy scenes tap dripping ?
A rose?
Scene with her in the end rose in her hand o n cold floor in camden.
Switch faces inbetween scenes betwwen him and her.

A good Song

One Tree Hill-Tv Program

This song is very famous and people relate to the tv program through the song.I like the way they show clips of the show whilst the song is playing and when the credits come up.I would like to put this into my title sequence,


Things needed in Blog.

  • Production Log
  • Production scheduale
  • Story Boards
  • Character profiles
  • Prop/Shot
  • Location/talent list/scheduale
  • Character Profile
  • Waiver forms
  • Syniopsis of production
  • Market research of target audience
  • Ananlysis of exsisting media
  • Script/Writing techniques
  • Research topic

Monday, 28 September 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
For example the indexing of this Knife means that the audience think there has been a murder.If this is in a title sequence the audience would know that the movie was going to be about crime/a horror?.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A rose usely symbolises a love story or a romantic scene. If a rose was at the beginning of a title sequence this would symbolise that the film or tv program is going to be about a love story.Allthough sometimes it can be used for horror in an ironic way.


I am going to look at the way different title sequences look at colours to make their sequence better. I think its a really big part of setting the mood of what the film is going to be about.

Black-I think the colour Black can be used in a lot of different ways to make a title sequence good. For example if it is put with the colour Red, then it can look scary .Whereas if you put it with the colour yellow it might look funny.

Pink-I think that the colour pink generally shows the movie is going to maybe a teenage movie or romcom.

Silver/Grey- Could be used to represnt sci-fi or a modern film


I have noticed that some films open with a monolouge. I really like it. I think it introduces the film really well. The film The Holiday also puts the cast names up while shes speaking and has acting whilst shes speaking that goes with whats she saying, If i was doing a romcom film i think i would consider this for my Title Sequence.

Reasearch Target Audience

I am going to look at different genres of title sequences. This can help me and my group decide what type of title seqences that we can do.

Firstly i am going to look at some romcom title sequences to get ideas.

I am looking at the opening of Briget Jone's Diary.

The opening of this film is different to alot of title sequences because it just has the main character acting in the middle and cast's names coming up. It uses comedy. I think this would be difficult to do for our title sequence because we probably wouldnt have an actor who could carry out the whole of the title sequence. It is very simple because it is a big blockbuster movie however ours is not,so it has to have more it than that.I think the comedy genre would be hard to do because it is a very skilled thing to do to make people laugh.

I am going to look at a title sequence of a horror film

I am going to look at the movie Jaws.

I think the movie sequence, is good in some ways because of its theme song which is very important in the whole movie and everyone has become to reconise. I think our title sequence should have a good opening song to go along with the sequence because i think music is very important in making it very good. The shot with the camera just above the water is very effective too. However i dont want to just make my title sequence just a horror.


We have just been given information on how to do our pre-production to our title sequence.
We have until the 4th Of November to do our research and preproduction and to give a presentation to the class about our title seqence.

To do List

  • Research target audience
  • Deconstruct exciting media texts.
  • Plan each stage of your production
  • Additional material
  • Additional material. (Titles,graphics)

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

This afternoon we have been told about our project.We have to create a 2 minuite title sequence in groups of four. It can be on any theme. I am going to look on youtube at different title sequences and then analyis them. I will also use this to have ideas about the title sequence i am going to make. I am going to look at title sequences that i like and dislike, so that i can get an image of what my title sequence should be like.

Here are some title sequences that i have been looking at.:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This title sequence is from the Tv show "The Simpsons"-It is a very popular tv sequence as it is reconised acr0ss euroupe and America. In this title sequence there is a slight change to it on every different episode. This is how the characters get infront of their tele,this is the end part of the title sequence.

I like this title sequence because it uses humour to get the audience intrested and uses happy/jolly music to give an idea to the audience what the tv program is about.This is a signiture tune.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is the title sequence to the film P.S I love You, this is a very different title sequence but it is still very effective. The film PS I Love You is a romantic comdey film which means that they used romatic music to put the title sequence together with. This shows the reader that the film isnt going to be say maybe a horror film. The title sequence uses indexing because it shows pictures of a couple happily together and if peopel are happy in films the audience automaticaly assumes that something is about to happen.

The title sequence uses cast and crew memeber names and then sometimes a still image of the couple or a moving scene of the christmas lights outside.

This differs from "The Simpsons" title opening which is all moving shots.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is an opening title sequence to the Tv Program Torchwood. This is very different to the other two because by the title sequence you can tell it is not a funny or happy program. One of the reasons for this is because of the colours they use.(Black and Red) This is because the colours red and black often represent hallowen/scary things. The title "torchwood",flashes on and off the screen in red, this also adds to the sci-fi/scary theme because it goes fast and the lettering/text is sharp and spiky. It also shows the cast names whilst the torchwood word is popping up.

The music in the title sequence is also dark and omnious. The title sequences varies alot from the other two because it is alot shorter so it just goes alot quicker,i think i like the longer title sequence better because it gives more of a suspence to how the film/tv program is going to be.

Out of the three title sequences i like the "PS I love You" title sequence best and would like the title opening sequence i make to be most like that. Like the lengh of it which is about 2 minuites. I also like the simpleness of it because there isnt too much in it but its not boring at them same time.

First Blog

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