Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Story Boards

Today our group our going to discuss making our storyboard and how we are going to do it. We're gonna try and come up with some ideas for our title sequence.

In our group there is....Minh Dinh,Dayo Adesina& Becca King-Vallely.


We want a scene in central london, night scene with people walking past.
Chick flcik?
Dark Drama
Internet Meet
Have an internet meet
Chat at start(flashing through)
Middle of LONDON
Creepy Guy
Switch from his face to hers on computer,dark room?
Light on them.
Pan shot on river
Scenes stop,character and cast come up.
Creepy scenes tap dripping ?
A rose?
Scene with her in the end rose in her hand o n cold floor in camden.
Switch faces inbetween scenes betwwen him and her.

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