Monday, 28 September 2009

Reasearch Target Audience

I am going to look at different genres of title sequences. This can help me and my group decide what type of title seqences that we can do.

Firstly i am going to look at some romcom title sequences to get ideas.

I am looking at the opening of Briget Jone's Diary.

The opening of this film is different to alot of title sequences because it just has the main character acting in the middle and cast's names coming up. It uses comedy. I think this would be difficult to do for our title sequence because we probably wouldnt have an actor who could carry out the whole of the title sequence. It is very simple because it is a big blockbuster movie however ours is not,so it has to have more it than that.I think the comedy genre would be hard to do because it is a very skilled thing to do to make people laugh.

I am going to look at a title sequence of a horror film

I am going to look at the movie Jaws.

I think the movie sequence, is good in some ways because of its theme song which is very important in the whole movie and everyone has become to reconise. I think our title sequence should have a good opening song to go along with the sequence because i think music is very important in making it very good. The shot with the camera just above the water is very effective too. However i dont want to just make my title sequence just a horror.

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